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Most recent experience helping to build single-page web applications using ReactJS and Angular libraries/frameworks consulting to Bloomberg and HBO. Historically positioned as lead "styler" on large HTML5 and CSS3 responsive solutions. Also managing small teams, estimating, scoping, and recruitment. Adept at responsive web techniques, mobile web development, progressive enhancement, and some progressive web app techniques. Experience with CSS-in-JS solutions including styled-components and Semantic UI. Experience working in various environments such as Node and Ruby on Rails. Leveraging various bundlers, build scripts, and testing frameworks including npm, yarn, babel, webpack, gulp, grunt, jasmine, mocha, karma, Highcharts, D3. Various content management systems including WordPress.

Clients include: FairFXHBO, Bloomberg, Citi, Northern Trust, Prudential, Sears, State Street, and


Professional capabilities

Technical Skills


XEMedia – (current)

Currently working on greenfield projects leveraging ReactJS, styled-components, Firebase.

FairFX – (May 2017 - November 2017)

"Smart technology for moving money in real time, enabling you to take charge wherever you are."

Bloomberg LP – Consultant (Oct. 2014 - June 2016)

Launched February 2016: Bloomberg's first product entry into the highly competitive Know Your Customer (KYC) utility space.

Responsible for editing HTML in ReactJS templates and extending and customizing a Bootstrap/Less framework.

HBO – Consultant (Aug. 2012 – Oct. 2014)

America's most successful premium television company.

Front-end development of cutting-edge consumer web experiences utilizing HTML5/CSS3, AngularJS and Backbone JavaScript frameworks, jQuery library, Microsoft SmartGlass (companion application for Xbox).

Launch April 2014: Responsive web site displays customized world map and links to HBO retail shops worldwide on all popular desktop and mobile devices.

Launched April 2014: Re-skinned desktop and mobile forum site hosted by Lithium and single sign-on process. Applied `s to server-rendered Freemarker pages using, almost exclusively, an external SCSS/CSS file.

Launched November 2013: a mobile version (currently iPad only) of

Launched April 2013: a Xbox second-screen experience for the "Game of Thrones" season three.

Roundarch – Lead Interactive Developer (Oct. 2006 – Oct. 2012)

Designs and implements portal, content management, and integration solutions for some of the world's largest public and private organizations. Specializing in web experiences, rich web and mobile applications, digital marketing campaigns and more.

Typical tasks include the architecting of large-scale CSS structures and HTML markup, leading teams of 4-8 developers in "styling" web applications, scoping and assignment of tasks, oversight and review of team members, and recruitment.

Front-end development including HTML, CSS, JavaScript/AJAX, Flex, Ruby on Rails, Java templating, XSLT, and GWT.

Clients include: Bloomberg Law (Flex and RoR applications), Bloomberg Sports, Citi, Northern Trust, Prudential, US Army,, Sears, Amex, Northern Trust, Mastercard, Starwood, Avis, and State Street – Content Management Developer (Oct. 2000 – Oct. 2006)

Subscription based financial news website with content published in numerous formats including several web sites, PDFs, text/XML feeds, text/HTML e-mails.

Developed JSP and StoryServer templates for outputting rendered HTML. Integrated data and business logic using HTML/Javascript/CSS, JSP/XSL templates, Texis search engine. Edited Java methods/classes. Created database scripts. Maintained various import scripts and templates which performed full-text searches on all content and rendered results quickly and accurately.

Designed graphical user interface used throughout proprietary publishing system, customer service application, and other tools.

US Interactive– Software Engineer (March 2000 – October 2000)

Java, XML, Tcl, Story Server, Rational Process, ColdFusion

Associate Programmer (Aug. 1999 – March 2000) Edited HTML, JavaScript, and ASP code on small and large scale sites, including major redesign of RCA and Deloitte Consulting.


Includes some self-designed and promoted small business web sites and well as screen-shots showing finished pages found on several corporate web sites with restricted access.


Public repos include:

React 16 example:

Angular 1.x example:

Other node, mongo, rest, javascript examples


Podcast interview:

Speaker at ng-conf 2014